The Weekend

Yesterday was my birthday. I celebrated by sleeping for two hours, then getting on a Greyhound for the four-hour journey from Seattle to Portland. I spent about 2 hours and 15 minutes total of that trip in the bathroom, vomiting up the remnants of my twenty-third year. While this may not have been the worst hangover of my life, I would say that it was carried out in the most desperate and awful of settings. Some hippie jackhole asked me if I was “coming off of something,” eg: heroin. In a perfect world, I would have wiped the sweat from my eyelids and told that Narc to Fuck Right Off.  Instead, I grunted and expelled some more frothy bile.

Fuck last year.  Let’s do another.

Fun Summer Activities

Weather’s getting better up here in Seattle… Go spend some time outside.  Just avoid Madison Park playground, where they have the worst park toy of ever. Eddie Leventer and myself did some reconnaissance so you all don’t have to waste your time.

But hey, at least the view is nice. Here’s lovely Lake Washington.